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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terror cells anything that i don't want to be wishing to feature is on the on the liberal and the christian public gyms confusedly to the.
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close up guys i'm out here so yesterday at the u.n. g.a. was netanyahu is turn to take center stage forget obama forget morsi forget okrent is out he said this is my time to shine so what did he do well he pretty much gave a presentation on the biggest danger facing humanity right now take a look. at it. here's a dog. this is a bomb. this is a fuse. in the case of iran's nuclear plans to build a bomb. this bomb has to be filled. with enough food which are really.
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quite so let me get this straight and animated bomb is our biggest threat right now maybe i just have one thing as stated on. the supreme leader i think it helps some of your information about bombs is coming from those folks it was a cartoon bomb the charade didn't stop there nope he was on a roll check it out. for sure to read. laundry draw. a red learn should be grown right here. before. before you run completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. necessary to make a bomb so netanyahu is the world he was the teacher and the entire general assembly of world leaders were his fifth grade students class here's my bomb here's the feel here's the red magic marker and this is how we all how we're going to die kids
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let's be serious for a second to use cartoon antics to explain or should i say incite other world leaders to take action against iran is an insult and a complete mockery of the diplomatic process and to say that you're trying to demonstrate the problem bibi well i think you just made it clear that you're only trying to perpetuate one and that's why i'm breaking the set. all right guys the u.n. general assembly is finally coming to a close it's been a long week we've seen everything from a store called first speech by egypt's new president mohamed morsi to of course that infamous red line break down from israeli prime minister netanyahu but is it all just diplomatic theater or really is there ever any substance to it all here to break down the u.n. g.a. highlights and more i'm joined by our two correspondent on the stasi of church going to from our new york studio honestly let's start off by talking about you know the highlight of yesterday's u.n. g.a. of course bibi netanyahu point out that bomb chart essentially it was
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a low grade cartoon museum to explain how serious wrongs nuclear capacity is and i kind of wanted to show this tweet from journalist jeffrey goldberg of the atlantic which said none of this bomb cartoon is the middle east equivalent of clint eastwood's chair i mean when i see something like this. of rumsfeld putting out those those charts saying that this is bin laden's underground fortress i mean it's just it is really ridiculous and as and i mean what are people saying about this are people taking this seriously. be absolutely not i mean definitely this speech is being treated with a lot of humor you know we've seen a lot of different props being pulled out at the united nations over the years like you mention but this is definitely something you know when i think about the definition of the word perfection this cartoon visual prop that netanyahu pulled out is definitely something quite curious and you know it's interesting there's been a lot of build up to his speech he was telling reporters to kind of pay attention
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that it's going to be very newsworthy he was reportedly very proud that none of the speech was leaked we also heard that he took as much as twenty hours a day in the days leading up to this speech to prepare it himself and then he comes out on this world podium you know pulls out this cartoon with a little star like fuse at the end of it and tries to have the international community take this seriously and of course criticism has been flying people are saying you know. if you're a politician trying to make a point please refrain from bringing these cartoons over to the united nations well you know the good thing i guess for netanyahu here is that this p.r. stunt if intentional or not definitely paid off because we did see these pictures of the cartoon him holding it all over the world headlines and his message that there's only so much time that israel is intending to wait until it's acceptable for iran to keep developing its nuclear weapon and afterwards there will be some kind of military reaction and this was really newsworthy in
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a sense because we do know that the time so far had been the u.s. elections on whether or not israel would will consider attacking iran and now it's sort of a further one why he decided to use this little prop we don't know maybe you know to make sure that all the different translators get the message across definitely to the other hundred ninety one countries present in that room it is interesting i mean it seemed like he was treating them like a kindergarten class you know showing this picture of wiley coyote his bomb about to explode but you know let's move on to our advantage or has always been a controversial character in previous years because people just outright walk out on his speeches let's hear a little bit about what he said at the u.n. g.a. . just had the wrong group there's no new policies on iraq shows. zionism been rest of the world to me to you know to really to food and should lawyers on the other to use instead of taking just back in the freedom of. the science of these are the most sacred beliefs of human
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beings so now you know respond to this by saying history proves that whoever wants to raise us from the map fails in their task and then we saw salon kind of pick up on that putting a really misleading title up saying pretty much pretty much wants to erase history why do we see and we already know that that phrase doesn't even exist in persian the wiping israel off the map why do. we see the mainstream media corporate media kind of picking up on this narrative marginalizing no matter what and then kind of putting netanyahu up on this podium and not ridiculing him as much i mean i think you're absolutely correct in the sense that you know there hostile come a point where we ask our so why ask ourselves the question when is enough enough for how many years really at this point can we continue to witness this paranoia surrounding ahmadinejad these paranoid headlines you know it's this is the eighth time he's addressing the united nations general assembly eight times eight years and it's every single year the exact same concerns the exact same paranoia and in
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terms of the mainstream media you know you're absolutely right there's only that many times that one can flip on the t.v. and keep seeing and keep continue you know pretending to be enticed by these high popping anchors screaming about iran and how it's going to wipe everything off the face of everything you know there really has to be some kind of line drawing drawn here and it's interesting that experts following this they say look we have to remember that this is really just iran probably tickling the nerves of the united states and israel and it's certainly working because while at medinah jihad is walking around the united nations holding you know the victory sign because he is feeling quite cheeky and ironic and confident it looks like the u.s. and israel are really getting worked up about this whole thing so it's really a question of who is the winner here and who is really the fool in terms of these diplomatic games that they continue there really is a giant double standard and definitely seems more more like diplomatic theater at
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this point thanks so much for coming on a breaking it down. so i know i rag a lot on the show about israeli prime minister netanyahu and his policies one thing that's important to keep in mind. is that the policies of one leader or administration does not reflect the population of that country just like much of the citizens in the us don't agree with imperialism much of israel's population does not agree with the illegal expansion of israeli settlements on palestinian territory and fact one example of israeli resistance to these policies is happening in the heart of jerusalem it's an organization called the israeli committee against house demolitions or i c h d the stated goal is to end israel's occupation over palestinians which brings me to introduce today's hero jeff helper the co-founder
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and director of the i c h d two thousand and six he was nominated for a nobel peace prize citing his work to quote liberate both the palestinian and the israeli people from the yoke of structural violence and to build equality between their people by recognizing and celebrating their common humanity helpers main focus is to end israel's policy of demolishing palestinian homes in the occupied territories in the last twelve years they have been twelve thousand one hundred ninety one demolitions of homes and structures and palestine and just this year alone seven hundred and two people have already been displaced in the country check out what help i had to say and one recent interview. take that situation and you magnified globally so that here in the united states what's happening to the surplus humanity of the world isn't really an issue because it's not in our local community and we're not affected by it. then because then the whole system is peru is perpetuated in that sense and that's why what i'm trying to say and i'm trying
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to sort of i'm talking about a global policy. a global palestine indeed we are global community and we must not turn a blind eye on human suffering anywhere especially when our tax dollars go to perpetuate the occupation and that is why jeff help or a true advocate for human peace and dignity is our hair of the day so who is the villain that would be none other than a man named patrick clawson a lobbyist for the washington institute for near east studies now according to their website their opus the city emergence of a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east. and a center right who wouldn't want a peaceful and prosperous middle east well check out what he had to say recently. it's very hard for me to see how the united states. president can get us to war with iraq. which leads me to conclude that if in fact conference is not coming
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that the traditional way of merit america gets to war is what would be best for u.s. interests if in fact the iranians aren't going to compromise it would be best to somebody else started the war. what if the iranians are going to compromise would be best if someone else started the war is anyone listening to this war mongering hawks like clawson are openly calling for the u.s. to strike iran first in order to jump start world war three oh but it gets better. i mean look people iranian submarines periodically go down someday one of my not come up who would know why. we can do a variety of things if we wish to grease the pressure i'm not advocating that but i'm just suggesting that. if this is not a either or proposition and you know it's just sanctions has to has to succeed or other things we are in the game. of using covert means against the iranians yeah man let's just sink a submarine and blame it on iran great ideas sociopath and clawson you know was
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well as i do that the us is doing far more than just sanctions with the stocks that cyberwarfare along with the military buildup on the strait of hormuz seems like the cages been rattling for quite some time just hoping. but these aggressive tactics still aren't good enough for war hawks like clawson who are just salivating to jump start the next war so he's actually advocating a false flag type of event order to justify an attack against a sovereign nation can't say that surprises me but what does surprise me is that these people are shamelessly advocating it and open forums people like patrick clawson who openly lobby for death destruction and want to drag the world powers into a military standoff make me sick and that's why he is our villain of the day. so if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel at youtube dot com such break on the set and subscribe check our facebook page at facebook dot com for
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thank you. well the corporate press didn't make a sound over wiki leaks founder julian assange does address to the united nations via video link we're still waiting for answers on his case here's a clip from his address to world leaders. and there are times when action. the time has run out. it is time for the u.s. to cease its persecution. to see if persecution of our people and to cease its persecution over our lives sources it is time for president obama to do the right thing and join the forces of change. not in
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fighting words but in fine. thank you. the song remains in the ecuadorian embassy in london and continues to plea for the war on wiki leaks to talk more about this case and joins address the u.n. i'm joined now by a slight icelandic investigative journalist and spokesperson for the wiki leaks organization christian son christian thanks so much for coming on the same to have me so julian kind of addressing the u.s. specifically in this address the u.n. . there are so many countries involved london ecuador i mean is there does it really all fall back on the u.s. the shoulders at this point. well i mean it's very important that the u.s. shown signs that they will stop persecuting that we can use on this reporters are we killing it is getting totally out of hand it's ridiculous if you look at the scope of. investigation that have been gathered over forty thousand pages
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in the attempt to find an angle to prosecute you know sons and possibly all those associated with we can we have a grand jury sitting in the near for months and years so this is has to stop what do you think about just the u.s. kind of making such a big deal. over the pussy riot verdict all over the media but really is absent the bradley manning case also joining us on it i mean is this kind of unprecedented overstep country barriers to really try to extradite someone who's not american citizen for charges that don't exist. well i mean it's really getting it's sure that but it's where you would be interested in this would be very worrying to all journalists working in this country given the u.s. because you have a small media organization like we can leaks which is now being persecuted relentlessly and who is next i mean we saw indications now the u.s.
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military might be categorizing we killing the enemy. this is getting very close to the media what about the media that we have cooperated with here in the u.s. with the new york times for example they should start looking into this matter very seriously because this is a very scary trend. are you hopeful as an ally you know him better than most people are you hopeful that this will have a positive outcome. i'm always hopeful and i always believe in justice and i believe that justice will prevail we we must see a positive outcome of this the ecuadorian authorities are trying very hard to sort of diplomatic means in providing a possible new solutions to this standoff that in the. earlier today. the foreign minister of ecuador met its counterpart william hague from the u.k. there was no. definite positive outcome from that meeting but diplomatic dialogue
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continues let's hope that it will bring a solution and what do you think about you know right in two thousand and ten actually joined us came out and said in light of the collateral murder video that he had another massacre video in afghanistan where about one hundred forty people were slaughtered. and he said he was going to release it soon have you guys not released it because you've seen what happened with bradley manning because of this is case are you guys just kind of holding off on more devastating things that could implicate the u.s. government here you know are you sitting on anything else and why haven't you released these things. now as a republican story when it comes to the video that you were referring to but i mean after the release of the collateral murder video in april two thousand and ten of course there was a release of the military field reports from of kind of them. and then iraq and of course on the diplomatic cables towards the end of the year zero twenty two and the biggest leaks in history one would say. it's
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a very active part in the investigating and going actually to prior to the release of the closure of most of you it. was quite an experience for a journalist like me to actually find out that you. were producing evidence of let's war crime which has not been investigated properly. so what i didn't really understand that the answer why haven't you released the other video. we do not have any longer the other we do. by a former colleague but we have and we have released the documents pertaining to the massacre in afghanistan and if you go through all these files that we have released . evidence that should be investigated thoroughly so why do you think that there has been such a witch hunt against you in a sonnet against bradley manning we had obama you know leading up to his campaign saying whistleblowers are essential to the foundation of this country to maintain
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credibility why do you think that there has been such an insane witch hunt against these people and already implicated pretty much guilty in the court of public opinion. when we are living at a time where telling the truth is revolutionary and you were referring to what obama was campaigning on about which platform in two thousand and eight and it's correct it was recorded. whistleblowers. are blowing up an essential thing for a healthy society and the need to ensure that he was elected has now made a name for themselves would be the president. relentlessly going off the whistle blowers. more in the field is produced after world war two combined and using the. act of nine hundred seventeen which carries the death penalty so he is if he doesn't make amends and changes the course he will go down in history as one of the biggest hypocrites reside in the white house and really quickly to wrap it
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up i just wanted your comment on this for people who say why isn't julian just say step to the charges why is he not facing his accusations i mean is this really about rape or is about something much bigger. it is about something much bigger and so we are not seeing any indication of the swedish authorities give a guarantee that julian will not be extradited to the united states once he's in sweden and that's really worrying why they cannot do that so it's a very complicated issue so it really does show that the u.s. kind of has its hands in this entire case riding across the globe here really should be a wake up call for everyone on the planet thank you so much for coming on and breaking it all down christian son thanks for having me. a lot of information could never be brought to light if it weren't for
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whistleblowers the people put themselves on the line to speak out against corruption and injustice there is a real threat facing individuals who do both of us all especially when the information they share is dealing with matters of national security even if it is in the best interest of the public to know i guess it's a good thing that president obama promised to protect whistleblowers during his campaign. this is a quote taken directly from his website says often the best source of information about waste fraud and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out such acts of courage and patriotism which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars should be encouraged rather than stifled we need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process except for many and right obama most of them
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a feeling pretty hypocritical after saying that and then charging six whistleblowers under the espionage act trice the amount that we're charging or all the past presidents combined oh and by the way the espionage act was enacted in one thousand nine hundred seventeen it was intended to go after spies during world war one but it's still being used today to target whistleblowers instead take the case of thomas drake the former n.s.a. director that blew the lid on a surveillance program launched in two thousand and two now drake spoke out against the program being illegal and inefficient wasting billions of taxpayer dollars but instead of receiving credit for exposing illegal government operation drake was charged in the espionage act and faced up to thirty five years in prison until a team of investigative journalists exposed the story and the charges were finally dropped unfortunately this hasn't been the case for former cia analyst john kiriakou who two years ago spoke out against torture during the bush administration not only has obama given complete impunity for torturers but now karaoke is likely
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to be prosecuted for revealing the identity of agents involved in torture or perhaps the most well known whistleblower valls private bradley manning who allegedly released hundreds of thousands of government cables to wiki leaks some of which exposed were crimes out the legal maximum in the u.s. to hold someone without charges as one hundred twenty days were. up to eight hundred fifty seven for bradley manning who could face the death penalty since this witch hunt on whistleblowers began the obama administration has adopted a zero tolerance policy for people who reveal classified information check out a former whistleblower and attorney just one radek had to say to our team. we have a crackdown an unprecedented cracking down on whistleblowers for allegedly mishandling allegedly classified information in these are really people trying to expose fraud waste abuse and crime and i think these very public prosecutions of
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people under the espionage act is what's having their real their real chilling message she's right once everything becomes a matter of national security it's easy to vilify anyone trying to expose any aspect of government wrongdoing this crackdown on whistleblowers coupled with existing government surveillance results in a culture of fear or people are terrified to speak out but what about the ones that do. well there's hardly any coverage in the corporate press when it comes to whistleblowers which is absolutely ludicrous think about it the media's complicity is most concerning after all they're supposed to be the watchdogs for the government in fact the founding fathers believed in it so much they included a free press as crucial to the foundation of our republic yet you don't hear about the mistreatment of these people for simply standing up for what's right whistleblowers take enormous risk there's a massive impact on journalism as well and sources are too afraid to disclose information out of fear of government retaliation and the media is using nothing
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more as a mouthpiece for government the people lose but there are things there are networks that do care and you're watching one of them right now not only is the network given a platform to whistleblowers but our coverage of occupy wall street has us nominated for an emmy so don't forget to watch the emmys on monday and you all have a great weekend.
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